Treasurer’s Island: October, 2012

We are on the brink of a new year, individually, as a community, and as an
organization. The question is what happens after we step over that brink. LJCC is on an upward trajectory, with a rabbi (!), a revitalized program committee, and some essential repairs and upgrades under way. But… sustaining that trajectory will take additional treasure.

Let me tell you about the treasure on this island. It is not, unfortunately, a giant chest brimming with gold and jewels that you can get to by digging a big hole and tossing out the skeletons. It’s spread all over, buried a little bit at a time in wallets and sacks and boxes that sometimes cost almost as much to dig up as the contents are worth. We need still more buried wallets, and still more diggers to find them.

The High Holy Days are not only a time for joy and reflection; they are also traditionally a time of giving. Giving can take many forms – you can be a wallet, for example, or if that’s not possible you can be a digger, giving your time and energy. If you can be both, that’s great; if neither is possible, then be an enthusiastic participant and cheer on the others.

May the New Year be happy for you –- and for us.
— Bob Buddemeier

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