Calling All Recipes

The Jewish Community Women are sponsoring a 2nd edition of the delightful cookbook The Joy of Jewish Cooking, compiled and first published by The Jewish Community Women in 1969.

Our objective is to provide inspiration, through the newly collected recipes, to persons within and beyond the Lawrence Jewish Community Congregation. The 2nd edition of the cookbook will both honor the memory of the original editors and contributors, whose labor of love brought the first edition to fruition, and help us raise funds for the social, educational, and charitable activities of JCW.

We are appealing to the many outstanding cooks and bakers among our congregation, asking you to submit one or more of your favorite recipes that you consider to be in some way reflective of Jewish cooking. All together we envision a collection representing a variety of foods – in categories such as hors d’oeuvres and appetizers; soups and sauces; salads; main dishes (meat, vegetable, fish); main dish pastries; vegetables and pickling; dairy, eggs, and cheese; bread and rolls; desserts and party sweets; and even beverages.

While this will not be a kosher cookbook, please do not send recipes that include tref foods such as pork or shellfish. We will make every effort to include all recipes we receive, but will be selective if categories get too large. All the recipes however, will be available on line at the LJCC website.

One of our goals is to convey to readers, through our presentation of the recipes, some under- standing of Jewish religious beliefs and traditions, as well as the history of the Lawrence Jewish Community Congregation. To that end, please accompany your recipes with two or three sentences that give insight as to why a particular recipe has special meaning for you and your family. For instance, do you traditionally serve this dish on a particular Jewish holiday? Is it a recipe handed down from a dear relative or friend? Is it something you typically prepare for someone who is ill or in need of comfort? This information will enable us “add flavor” to the collection.

Please email your submissions to Neil Salkind who is helping with the process of collecting and preparing them for publication. If possible, please send them as a Word document. His email address is If you have questions, contact Jill Kleinberg (Email:; Tel. 749-2120).

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