Treaurer’s Island: November, 2012

Well, there are many shiny baubles in the chest this month, and a few tarnished ones as well. Let’s try one of each.  One of the listings mentioned in the “Office” is membership, dues and donations. There is an effort to get out a mid-(fiscal)-year statement to all members, pledgers, etc., to let them know where they are. Not only have people actually requested that, but it will also be good practice for the year end tax summary letter in January. The intention is to get them out before the next newsletter, so don’t feel surprised if we succeed. Hmm, that wasn’t exactly how I wanted it to come out, but you probably know what I was trying to say.

Another, and more well- worn, treasure in our trove is the grocery certificate pro- gram (Wait! Don’t Go! This is new stuff, I promise!). We have just about shifted all of the LJCC supermarket purchases over to certificates, figuring that we might as well make money on our own purchases as well as those of others. How long did it take us to figure that out? Don’t ask. LINK, Blintz Brunch, Religious School are in the program. The next opportunity is to sweep up those of you who fairly often make purchases for reimbursement. If you do it a lot, we can assign a card; if it’s occasional thing, stop by the office and pick up a loaner.

On this same basic subject, we’ve had conversations before, you and I. I tell you how neat and convenient and beneficial to LJCC using certificates is, and you give me some lame excuse about why you can’t possibly take one teeny tiny step outside of your habit trail. So. herewith are some sensitive compromise suggestions.

1. The season of revelry is soon upon us, and if you’re going to have the family over for Turkey Day, or throw a New Year’s Eve party, you can count on leaving several hundred $ behind at the grocery store (or gas up both cars and get much the same effect). Try certificates for these one-time big-ticket events. Once you gain experience with the special case, you might not find it as fearsome as you thought.

2. And in order to further de-fearsome-ize it, we have addressed one of the big barri- ers — “I can’t remember how much is on the card.” From now on, the office and all certificate sellers will have on hand small address labels that you can stick to the back of your card (avoid the magnetic strip, please). Since every cash register has a little writing table and a pen and a screen that displays your balance for all to read and a clerk who will give you a separate cash register printout with the same information, well, there you are. No more effort than signing your credit card chit, and you have a running record of what it’s worth. Queue up neatly when you rush to get your certificates, please.

~ Bob Buddemeier

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