Treasurer’s Island December, 2012

000_0006There are many kinds of islands – imposing volcanoes thrusting  from the sea with lava still oozing from their flanks, steep eroded ridges covered with dense jungle, wind- and wave-lashed sand patches, tropical atolls with lagoons whose limpid waters are disturbed only by the playful splashing of nubile Polynesian* maidens….Ooops, sorry,  got carried away by the imagery there.

Anyway, this week we have many important and diverse but compact bits of information for you, like a string of interesting  little patches of land in the great sea of Ho-Hum.

1.  December:  It is almost the last month of the year (or it is already, depending on when you’re reading this), and you know what that means – only 5 (or fewer) more weeks in which to drastically reduce next year’s tax payment by giving away massive amounts of money to good causes, of which WE are one of the best (with all due modesty).  It’s a month full of distractions, so don’t procrastinate!

2.  Semiannual statements:  We are inching (back) toward a system of quarterly statements for members or those who have pledged donations.  Step 1 is covering the first 6 months of our fiscal year (through October) and letting people know what they have pledged this year or paid last year, and what this year’s payments and contributions have been so far.  The end of our fiscal year (April 30) is rather unmemorable, and we wouldn’t want it to sneak up on you unnoticed.  Also, this is a good opportunity to check to see whether our records agree with yours.

Reassurance #1: If you don’t get a statement, it doesn’t mean we don’t love you, it just means we don’t have a pledge from you and you’re not listed as a member.

Reassurance #2:  This does not replace or affect the annual tax summary of dues and donations which EVERYBODY gets in January (unless you didn’t give any money or in-kind donations at all, in which case you still exist, but you’re a little out of focus).

3. Care and feeding of the database: Sometime in early 2013 we will conduct our annual survey to try to track down changed addresses, or e-mails, or preferences about what publications you receive and how.  If you already know you have changes to make, get in touch now and avoid the rush.

4. Oh, by the way – At the FY midpoint LJCC net income for the FY was (positive!) $17,767   And, the restricted fund total was essentially unchanged, in spite of the fact that we are using the funds as a more dynamic part of money management.  And, we are on budget or better based on the system of allocations we set up.  So, the fiscal news is generally good.  But (here comes the Grinch) we are doing more and therefore spending more, we now have a rabbi to (partly) support, and the last 3 months of the FY are typically the doldrums in terms of income.  Go back and read December again.

*OK, I confess – most Polynesians (including the nubile maidens) live on high islands rather than atolls.  But hey, you wouldn’t want me to exercise my poetic license on the bookkeeping, would you?

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