Community Oneg

Community Oneg due to COVID-19 is Canceled until further notice

Oneg Sponsors

We are always grateful for those who sign up to sponsor an oneg!  We hope that all members will sponsor at least one oneg per year. Sign up to sponsor an Oneg in honor of a special date, or just to share with the community!  You may sign up here:  Oneg sponsor Contact Marty in the LJCC office with questions.


  • Most evening services begin at 7:30pm. Oneg begins immediately after the service.  Check with Marty in case there are any changes for service times that week.
  • The service leader or Security Coordinator will open the building before the service but probably not much before. If you would like to set up the oneg ahead of time, contact Staff earlier in the week to arrange access to the building. You can also drop off things before 5pm on Friday during office hours.


Items Provided by LJCC

  • Coffee. One full pot of decaf coffee is enough for most onegs. Coffee is in clear plastic container on serving counter next to stove. Use 3/4 cup per full pot. Other pot is for hot water for tea (may not be necessary in summer). Coffee filters are next to coffee containers on counter.
  • Trays on counter. The trays on the counter have tea bags, coffee stirrers, sugar, plastic silverware as well as paper coffee cups, napkins, paper plates, etc. Just slide the main tray to the middle of the serving area.
  • Paper products should be on the service tray. If you need more, there are extra plates, napkins, plastic silverware, etc. in the oneg cabinet. Paper and plastic cups are in the cabinet behind the kitchen door to the right of the stove. Cabinet is labeled. Tablecloths are also in one of the labeled cabinets, if needed.
  • A challah will be on the island. There is a challah cover in one of the trays on the counter.

What You Should Bring

  • Suggestions are brownies, cookies, cakes, other baked goods, cut fresh vegetables, fresh or dried fruit, nuts, candy, cheese, crackers, pretzels, popcorn. Select several items from the list.
  • The LJCC is Kosher. For onegs, please bring only dairy parve (meaning not meat) foods. Do not bring meat, poultry, shellfish, or any foods (including pizzas) that contain these items. Anything you have not made yourself should ideally have a Kosher symbol (a capital U, or a K, inside a circle). If you aren’t sure whether an item is acceptable, please ask!


  • For regular onegs, prepare for 15-20 people.
  • For special onegs when you expect a lot of guests, prepare for about 30+ people.

Setting Up

  • Since other groups use the building, you may have to rearrange some furniture.
  •  Get the coffee ready to go when you come, but don’t turn it on right away. It takes about 20 minutes to brew. (The Kiddush, blessing on the wine, is a good cue.).
  • Set up the serving table and the counter.
  • You will have time when you turn on the coffee to put out any items that had to remain refrigerated until being served.

Clean Up—When the crowd has thinned, please follow these steps for clean up.

  • Clear serving table and remove crumbs. Can shake tablecloth outside. If cloth is soiled, put in laundry basket under counter north end of kitchen.
  • Wipe the round tables. There are sponges and paper towels in the kitchen and under sink.
  • Clear service counter. Empty out leftover coffee. Wash carafes and coffee baskets. You may take home or give away leftover challah. Please help keep kitchen clean by taking home any leftovers or items you have brought. Do not put them in the freezer or frig.
  •  Throw everything in the garbage baskets or recycle in the large plastic bins if appropriate.
  • Remove all used trash bags in kitchen and in social hall, and put them outside in the large plastic trash cart near the parking lot entrance on the northeast side of the building. Replacement trash bag are under the island counter on the north side.
  • Wash, dry, and put away all utensils and dishes used so the drainer is empty when you leave. Do not use the dishwasher without advance permission.

Closing and Locking up Building

  • Check to make sure service leader has put off all lights, both upstairs and down. Hallway lights should be turned off, except automatic lights in rest rooms. If you can’t find light switches, ask someone who knows the building to help you. PLEASE
  • If you borrowed a key, make an arrangement with Marty how to return it. Security is an issue.
  • The service leader is responsible for making sure the west and north doors are secure when they leave and letting you know they are going. Just close the door behind you when you leave. It will lock automatically. Be careful not to lock yourself out if you go outside and are not done in the building.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Marty during office hours. If questions come up during the oneg, someone will know the answer or help you figure it out. Don’t hesitate to ask.