Upcoming Events

LJCC Upcoming Events

July-August 2017

All events are at the LJCC, 917 Highland Drive, Lawrence, unless shown otherwise      

Fri. July 7 7:30pm Shabbat Service with Susan Elkins & Heather Frost
Oneg sponsored by Caryn Goldberg & Ken Lassman in celebration of Daniel’s birthday
Fri. July 14  7:30pm Shabbat Service with Jack Winerock & Susan Elkins
 Fri. July 21 7:30pm Shabbat Service with Sam Brody & Carrie Caine
Thu. July 27 12:30pm LJCC serves LINK
Fri. July 28 7:30pm Shabbat Service with Shiray Shabbat
 Fri. Aug 4 7:30pm  Shabbat Service, Susan Elkins & Jack Winerock
 Fri. Aug 11  7:30pm  Shabbat Service, Cheryl Lester & Heather Frost
 Sun. Aug. 13  10:00am  Blintz Rolling!
Fri. Aug. 18  7:30pm Shabbat Service with Sam Brody & Carrie Caine

Oneg sponsored by Herb Friedson in honor of Martha Taylor’s birthday!

 Fri. Aug. 25
 7:30pm  Shabbat Service with Shiray Shabbat
 Oneg sponsored by Liz Kundin & Neil Shanberg in honor of their anniversary