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A Song For Your Life in memory of Hadassah Singer

A Song For Your Life In memory of Hadassah Singer by Caryn Mirriam Goldberg Poet Laureate of Kansas You name your life in songs: tones ringing through your travels and landings, departures and arrivals, until they weave themselves into refrains … Continue reading

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Hanukkah: A Holiday that Changes Meaning over Time

Hanukkah, which begins this year on the evening of December 8, is a great example of how the meaning of Jewish traditions changes across time, in response to the situations in which Jews find themselves. As you probably know, Hanukkah … Continue reading

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Who Do We Represent?

     At the intersection in front of our house there are big red octagonal signs with the letters S T O P printed in white on them. It is unclear what the function of these signs is. For the most … Continue reading

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Treasurer’s Island December, 2012

There are many kinds of islands – imposing volcanoes thrusting  from the sea with lava still oozing from their flanks, steep eroded ridges covered with dense jungle, wind- and wave-lashed sand patches, tropical atolls with lagoons whose limpid waters are … Continue reading

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Herb Friedson Honored

On Friday, November 16, after more than 40 years of leading services at LJCC, Herb Friedson led his last Shabbat service. Many friends came out to honor Herb for a memorable night which included a poem read by Kansas Poet … Continue reading

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New Rabbi, New Beginning

The fall is the time of new beginnings. A new school year begins, with new clothes, new haircuts, and the excitement of new teachers and subjects. Sometimes, new rabbis join new communities. All of these things are exciting and engaging. … Continue reading

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The Other River in Lawrence

The river of Judaism is long and broad. It has flowed for thousands of years, and it is fed from tributaries of all kinds. Those tributaries include Talmudic scholars and uneducated faithful; exiles from nations and nation builders; Orthodox observers … Continue reading

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