2018-19 Religious School Family Shabbat Program

We welcome all those who are interested to participate in Family Shabbat.  This program occurs monthly on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 9:30am, followed by Shabbat Torah Service at 10:30am.

  1. Let’s Be Real: This Isn’t Really a School. Once a month, the Jewish families of our community come together to share and learn and pray. But this is a lot more about creating a Jewish lifestyle in the home then it is about imparting information to our children. We only have one session a month – we aim to make the parents the teachers.
  2. We Need People Who Don’t Have Young Kids. We seek to incorporate our children back into worship and the fabric of the LJCC, NOT create a separate program from the rest of the synagogue. Please know that all members of the community are welcome and warmly invited to all events!
  3. Parents Have to Ask Pry About What Their Kids Are Thinking. Things are happening when kids go off to have their own program during the Shabbat sessions. Ask them about it. Use the parent handout as a guide. Remember: everything we do is intended to continue at home.
9:00 Morning Nosh is Laid Out & Ready
9:30 Opening of Program and Intro to Theme
9:40 Kids & Parents split for age-appropriate programming.

Many programs intended for the parents of the group are in fact relevant to all thinking adults. Please don’t hesitate to join this section.

Parents will receive handouts and a verbal overview of the content of the children’s activities.

10:25 Kids return to the social hall for Shabbat morning worship.

Kids and parents sit together for prayers

Parents assist kids in following prayers, Hebrew

Halfway through the Service

(After 1st Aliyah)

Kids get shpilkes – antsy, fidgety, and distracting.

After the first aliyah, roughly, kids and teachers will depart for a continuation of age-specific educational programming.

Following Announcements Kids will return to social hall in time to join their parents for Shabbat morning blessings
12:00 p.m. Potluck Kiddush Luncheon

By now it’s quite the cliche to say “it takes a village,” but really. Truly. As our traditions diversify to suit our own world views, it is more important than ever that all of our community’s elders are present to guide, model, and impart. May this “school” be an opportunity for the Joy of Judaism to be passed l’dor va’dor, from generation to generation.

Bridey Stangler

Religious School Coordinator