A message regarding the recent events in Pittsburgh:

The terrible events in Pittsburgh have struck a deep note of grief in Jewish communities all over the world, including ours here in Lawrence. These events have also heightened anxiety, flamed frustrations and resentments, and even ignited anger in response. These are all natural reactions. That we permit ourselves to feel is important – we can never become numb to such acts against any community, Jewish or otherwise. Numbness leads to complacency and that is all evil requires in order to thrive. We must feel – as difficult and uncomfortable as those feelings are – and we must allow those feelings to motivate us to appropriate action.

The best things each of us can do are to be unafraid, support one another, and to continue to live by our Jewish values: practice tzedakah even when it’s difficult, t’shuvah continuously, and tikkun olam even when we ourselves feel broken.

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